Land of Opportunity

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About the Project

Rooted in post-Katrina New Orleans, Land of Opportunity is an ongoing exploration of the often contentious process of community redevelopment in the face of crisis/disaster. Through perspectives that travel across media, including a film and new experimental interactive web platform, the project explores the fundamental question: What kinds of communities do we want to (re)build in the 21st century? From New Orleans to New York, from Katrina to Sandy, we, along with partners in sister cities, create and curate multifaceted stories highlighting a diversity of voices and approaches designed to foster engagement and inspire action around the core issues happening to cities and towns near us all. Learn more

  • APRIL 11, 2014

    This week, judges at the Webby Awards selected the LandofOpportunity interactive platform as an Official Honoree for Best Community Website. This… Read more

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