Land of Opportunity

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The Challenges That Face Our Cities

The main purpose of Land of Opportunity is to re-frame post-Katrina New Orleans into the beginning of a discussion, rather than a conclusion. What happens in New Orleans doesn’t stay here. Our tagline, “Happening to a city near you…” isn’t just a clever phrase. It is meant to convey that New Orleans is a starting point for a national conversation on the future of urban America.

Our work also provides a way to redefine “disaster recovery”. From New York to Detroit to New Orleans, cities are experiencing disasters every day, regardless of how we define them.

The purpose of this page is to explore the issues raised in the film, and to delve deeper into them through the experiences of everyday people, as well as interviews with planners, professors, politicians, government officials, advocates and activists.


  • Affordable Housing

    Affordable Housing

    Creating and sustaining inclusive and stable neighborhoods has never been easy, but new challenges around housing have arisen in recent years. From the sub-prime and foreclosure crises to the contentious debates around gentrification,…

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Natural, man-made, and economic disasters are increasingly a part of our daily news and our daily experiences. From the Tsunami of 2005 to Hurricane Katrina to earthquakes and floods in Haiti and Pakistan,…

  • Food Security

    Food Security

    The intersection of rising food prices with urban disinvestment have created an opportunity for urban agriculture, food security and food justice in cities across the United States. As the experience of Al Aubry…

  • Immigration


    As cities grow, the questions we must consider are more complex than simply “where will people live?” As the demographic diversity of our cities increases and people become increasingly migratory, we have to…

  • Urban Planning

    Urban Planning

    Urban planning has become increasingly important over the last several decades. Numerous issues come into play within the seemingly sterile world of planning: Issues of transportation, affordable housing, immigration and environmental justice all…