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  • December 13, 2011

    Our DVD is a great holiday gift!

    This holiday season, in solidarity with the 99%/Occupy movement and other similar actions such as Bank Transfer Day, we are joining the call to ask people to avoid corporate “big box” purchases of any kind this holiday season. We encourage you instead to spend your hard-earned dollars at family-owned and independent businesses throughout the holiday season.

    We are also very proud of the fact that we have a beautiful new DVD to sell, and want to encourage you to consider buying it for yourself or your friends and family this holiday season. In doing so, you will be avoiding the thronging masses and shilling corporate pitchmen, and instead support the work of lovable (and debt-ridden) indie filmmakers! In addition to DVDs, we also have t-shirts designed by hot local New Orleans designer Dirty Coast. They’re sleek, soft and sassy and a great conversation-starter! We have women’s and men’s sizes available.

    We have already begun shipping DVDs to people across the country and the world. As always, if you’ve seen the film, please email us your comments or post them on our facebook page. We also encourage you to hold screenings for friends, family and community. So sign up to host a Happening today!

    Here are some things our viewers have said to us after watching Land of Opportunity:

    If your goal was to get people to think, it worked on me. Thanks so much for bringing the film to our community. And thanks so much for pointing out the importance of focusing on our own community needs. It’s always easier to judge what is happening in another community than to deal with our own real issues at hand. Please keep up both your good and important work.
    -Jim, Urbana IL

    I watched the film and found it wonderful and moving. It is fascinating as a piece that has some much texture and detail about organizing, policy and politics, but doesn’t have a certain thesis that is narrated over or shoved down your throat as the conclusion to what it all means. It is a wonderful tool for teaching and provoking discussions. -Kevin, Minneapolis, MN

    I want to say thank you for a job well-done…as a former New Orleanian with a Ph.D. in urban studies, I have grown weary and leery of so much of the work. Your documentary was one of the few I’ve seen that I believe shows a fair and true representation of the complexities. -Denese, Chicago, IL

    The film is truly a masterpiece. Every time I see it I am truly moved. I especially appreciate the focus on organizing, which I feel like is something no other documentary has shown to the same extent. I appreciate that the film ends with a sense of urgency—hopeful but not rosy. -Hannah, New Orleans, LA

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