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  • August 26, 2010

    Disaster Recovery

    Oxfam America Releases New Report on BP Oil Gusher

    One Gulf, resilient Gulf forges local experience and community wisdom of more than 100 Gulf Coast networks and organizations and national allies working on the response to the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in perhaps the broadest effort yet to create detailed recommendations for the Obama Administration’s regional recovery plan. On the eve of the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the expected release of Sec. Ray Mabus’ Gulf Coast Recovery Plan, the report calls for a recovery plan that addresses the environmental, economic and social needs of those who have lived through the BP Horizon Disaster and the 2005 and 2008 hurricanes and ensures that the status quo of degradation, inaction, and vulnerability will no longer be accepted.

    The report outlines key components for a successful recovery effort, including:
    The development of new livelihood opportunities through long-term federal investments in ecosystem restoration, climate adaptation and clean, renewable energy to build more resilient coastal communities;
    Ensuring that new jobs are decent jobs, avoiding “low-road” contracting practices and promoting access to sustainable economic opportunities and decent working conditions;
    Supporting community-based scalable transitional workforce and enterprise development programs with successful track records;
    Ensuring any governance structure builds upon past planning and prioritizes robust community participation at ever level, accountability, transparency and streamlining of project implementation;
    And adequate funding is provided through proposals including eliminating tax loop holes, and tax deductions for oil spillers and directing these revenues along with federal fines and liabilities related to the BP Horizon Disaster towards a Gulf Coast Community Resiliency Fund.

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