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Stop the Politics of Hate!

Why is David Vitter Demonizing Latinos? We at Land of Opportunity, with our friends at Cuentame!, increasingly concerned with some of the race-baiting and fear-mongering that’s been going on during this election cycle, put together a very short “viral” video to counter some of these destructive narratives.

As part of our documentary project over the last five years, Land of Opportunity met and followed many hard-working Latinos who helped to clean up and rebuild New Orleans after Katrina and who are also currently working on the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of the oil geyser caused by BP. Given the contributions of Latinos to the recovery of these cherished Louisiana assets, we’re especially repulsed by David Vitter’s recent campaign ad that plays on vile stereotypes of undocumented Latino workers coming in to this country to abuse taxpayer funded programs. Help us spread the word to stop the politics of hate. Become a fan of Cuentame and Land of Opportunity on our facebook pages!

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