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Interactive Web Video Player

It’s a brave new world here at LAND OF OPPORTUNITY! We’re harnessing the power of leading-edge technology to amplify the voices, stories and issues we’ve been capturing for over six years. With support from the Ford Foundation’s Metropolitan Opportunity Unit and Black Public and with the help of the Mozilla Foundation, the Center for Social Media and the newly created Living Docs Project, we’re developing an opensource interactive web video player that cues additional related multi-media content, which users can navigate, share and tailor in myriad ways. This is a dynamic curated story space designed to increase engagement and inspire action around core urban issues: affordable housing, urban redevelopment/planning, immigration, and economic displacement.

Users will access and contribute to the stories that they need to explore their own challenges in their own communities. Footage from LAND OF OPPORTUNITY (over 1500 hours amassed in the past six years) will be supplemented with content curated by advocates, educators, data entities and other mediamakers in “sister cities”. This player and the content it houses may be used for a variety of purposes: housing advocates could add content that supports an affordable housing campaign; a Latin American studies educator may wish to integrate it into a class on immigration; others still may want to feature top issues in urban planning/redevelopment. In fact, we anticipate that this player may be used for uses that we cannot even imagine now, but will be able to document as we develop and implement the project. Our process will be public to benefit other mediamakers who are working with emerging media in social issue narratives The development and documenting process will be guided by our partners at the Center for Social Media, Mozilla Foundation and others. We have a barebones demo of the player. We’re looking for help with development and implementation of the player in every aspect from design and functionality to user interface. We’re also looking for partners in potential sister cities who want to put this to use! Please join the conversation and give us feedback on the project!

Producer/Director Luisa Dantas will also be on a panel at SXSW Interactive, sharing the ups and downs of our development process so far, so stop by if you’re there!

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