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Land of Opportunity to Participate in the 2012 BAVC Producers Institute: Stories With Impact

We are thrilled to announce our acceptance in the Bay Area Video Coalition 2012 Producers Institute for New Media Technologies ! This fall, from October 12- October 19, we at LOP along with our partners will join five additional transmedia projects in the making in San Francisco for a week-long ‘laboratory’ connecting social issue documentary filmmakers and partner nonprofit organizations with technologists and mentors to develop techniques and story assets to propel these creative social change agendas. Our interactive web experience will be workshopped and networked by the mentors on site as well as team members of the additional projects, and guided towards a most efficient functionality and design for our tool. We are so excited to share this opportunity and strengthen connections with not only our amazing partners at the Center For Social Media and Mozilla (a partner to the Institute as well), but fellow New Day filmmakers Theo Rigby and Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, as well as form new ties with all attending the lab.

For more information about BAVC, the Producer’s Institute and all accepted documentary projects, visit their website or read the press release here . Stayed tuned!

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