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An Interview with CSM, An Institute with BAVC, and Back

After a week at BAVC’s Producer’s Institute, our heads are still spinning with all of the amazing ideas that were thrown around amongst the incredible group of people we had the privilege to meet and work with. The Conference was stimulating, exciting, powerful, stressful and even overwhelming at times. It was a roller coaster of meetings, brainstorming sessions, lectures, Panera-catered deliciousness, and final presentations on project paths and goals. Clearly, we are still processing the week! But we return from BAVC with a more specific, focused, and effective plan for designing our interactive web experience. Stay tuned…

In other recent news, Luisa was recently interviewed by Angelica Das, the Associate Director of the Center for Social Media. The piece focuses on the transition for documentary filmmakers from traditional storytelling to web-native interactive productions, with special attention paid to Mozilla’s Living Docs project. Luisa talks on her experience thus far taking the jump into non-linear interactive media, and the lessons already learned in doing so- this post by Das gives a sneak peak at what the final report (to be released by the Center in the late spring of 2013) on the Land of Opp project will feature, which will delve deep into the transparant process of the experience and include a ‘best practices’ guide sure to be valuable to all documentary filmmakers. Read the interview on our blog or the CSM website.