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From Katrina to Sandy: New VIDEO Made in Collaboration With Sandy Storyline

As our interactive website continues to evolve (and it's evolving!), we are in the process of forging creative partnerships with like-minded organizations, inviting creative partners to curate and manage their own content. This week we're announcing of one of our most important partnerships: our creative collaboration with New York's Sandy Storyline.

We first teamed up with Sandy Storyline in the wake of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy six months ago. Sandy Storyline is a participatory documentary that collects and shares stories about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on neighborhoods, communities and lives. By engaging people in sharing their own experiences and visions, Sandy Storyline, much like LandofOpportunity, is building a community-generated narrative of the storm and its aftermath—a narrative that uses the hard lessons learned from crisis to help build a more equitable future for cities everywhere.

Our goal in partnering with Sandy Storyline echoes what has always been a key aim of the Land of Opportunity project: the sharing of fundamentally diverse stories to increase engagement with the complex issue of urban equity.

This collaboration will be an ongoing exploration of the time-space continuum of disaster recovery and rebuilding in an urban setting, a look at the then-and-now, New Orleans-New York dynamic of reconstruction. How does one set of narratives overlap with the other? What-if anything-have we learned from the ongoing and contentious rebirth of New Orleans? How can those lessons be used to predict, and more importantly change what happens on the ground post-Sandy?

We look forward to working with Sandy Storyline in the future as they contribute rich multimedia content to our upcoming interactive site. Click here to view the introductory teaser video for the partnership, a first production in what we hope will be an enriching and long-lasting creative collaboration.

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