Land of Opportunity

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Educators & Community Groups

If you are an educator or a community group, we want to work with you!

Land of Opportunity is filled with teachable moments about the meaning of displacement, home and community, the power dynamics of race and gender, and ultimately, about the struggles for justice, equity, and fairness in a multiracial society. Getting the film into the hands of educators, students and community groups is an important part of our mission to share the lessons learned in New Orleans with the rest of the world.

We’ve recently joined New Day Films, the innovative filmmaker-run distribution company to distribute the Educational/Community version of our film.

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Educators and student groups are encouraged to set up screening events in collaboration with school departments or independently. To invite the filmmakers to your campus, please contact us.

Land of Opportunity is available for screening at academic, professional, religious, and social justice conferences and events. The filmmakers are also available for to attend conferences and screening events. Please contact us for more information.


Land of Opportunity is also more than just a feature film. Our additional web-based content can serve as a video resource and archive of one of the most critical time periods not only in the history of New Orleans, but in 21st century America. With nearly 1500 hours of footage amassed over five years, Land of Opportunity is a treasure trove of unparalleled depth and breadth of on-the-ground experiences as well as expert testimony. Please contact us to discuss our archive and short video pieces.


Race and place are the two great themes of post-levee failure, post-Katrina New Orleans. This film shows black history in the making. It is not merely the story of New Orleans since 2005. It is an object lesson for the future of black communities in many places around the developing and re-developing world.
<br></br>-Lolis Elie, Journalist, Writer, HBO’s “Tremé”

Land of Opportunity makes an important contribution to the historical archive on Hurricane Katrina. By highlighting a wide range of voices, the film shows how everyday struggles in post-Katrina New Orleans and the diaspora are shaped by the intersections of race, class, gender, age, and citizenship. A gripping film that is highly recommended for interdisciplinary classes.
<br></br>-Emmanuel David, coeditor of The Women of Katrina: How Gender, Race, and Class Matter in an American Disaster, and Assistant Professor of Sociology, Villanova University

The strength of the film lies not just in its use of multiple stories but in the depth and uniqueness of each of those stories. Some of the stories are about rebuilding something lost, but some are about doing something new, and the challenges people face doing both.
<br></br>-Ted Ownby, Director, Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi.