Land of Opportunity

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Our Partners

Local Sponsor

New Orleans Video Access Center

NOVAC is a 501 c3 nonprofit whose mission is to foster the creation and appreciation of film and video for a public of diverse ages, income levels and backgrounds. NOVAC accomplishes this mission through education, career development, community outreach, independent productions, and special events. NOVAC’s Digital Media Institute provides training in emerging and established media tools for individuals and creative professionals.

We are grateful for their support!


are the organizations doing the work on the ground that Land of Opportunity has worked with throughout the last five years.

Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

Center for Social Media

Louisiana Justice Institute

PATOIS: The International New Orleans Human Rights Film Festival

Survivors Village

New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice

Video Veracity


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    Elza Sings at Church

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    Stop the Politics of Hate

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    Duany Does the Plan For Jackson Barracks

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    Vanessa Gueringer's Thanksgiving