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Land of Opportunity is meant to educate and galvanize viewers in cities across the country. Everyone from community groups to educators to policymakers are using the film to foster dialogue and action. Proceeds from DVD sales help support our continued outreach to bring Land of Opportunity to audiences across the United States and abroad. Your purchase will make a difference!

Read below to use the film for Home Use, Community Use, Educational & Library Use and other uses!

Home Use

This DVD is for you! Just $24.95 (plus shipping) Perfect to watch with friends and family and to send as presents to friends, family, or colleagues. Host a house party screening for your friends and neighbors, and let us know about it! Purchase a copy for Home Use today!

Note that these DVDs are for HOME/PRIVATE USE ONLY and are not licensed for public, community or educational screenings. For other uses, scroll down to find the right version.

Community Use, Educational Institutions, and Free Public Screenings

Land of Opportunity has been screened in community organizations, houses of worship, and classroom all over the country. Educators and community groups are using the film to draw attention to local issues or to foster awareness and inspire action around the core issues that are affecting urban America today.

We’ve recently joined New Day Films, the innovative filmmaker-run distribution company to distribute the Educational/Community version of our DVD. This is for use by community groups, universities, colleges, schools, public libraries and government agencies. Working with New Day and getting the film into the hands of advocates, educators and students is an important part of our mission to share the lessons learned in New Orleans with the rest of the world.
Purchase the Educational/Community version.

Conferences and Speakers

Land of Opportunity is available for screening at academic, professional, religious, and social justice conferences. The filmmakers are also available for to attend conferences, screening events and classes where the film is shown. Please contact us for more information.

Larger Screenings & Events with Paid Admission

If you want to hold a screening for more than 150 people, or an event of any size with paid admission, please contact us.

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What people are saying about Land of Opportunity:

LAND OF OPPORTUNITY is an important part of the New Orleans story. It gets down and dirty with the people on the ground. Five years in the making, Luisa’s film gives voice to everyday people working hard to rebuild their city and their lives. Anyone who cares about the future of cities in this country should see this movie!
<br></br>- Spike Lee

You have produced a project that transcends its boundaries – that of being a documentary about Katrina and its aftermath. Instead it is a documentary project about the current state of our nation. […] I think its biggest asset is its ability to portray beyond New Orleans, its characters and situations. These characters and situations, in fact, can be presently found throughout the U.S.
<br></br> – Alvaro Donado, Independent Filmmaker and Producer

_I was involved with Katrina solidarity work for several years, so I knew the history of the housing struggle. But even though I knew many of the stories, I sat breathless for 2 hours as I watched the film. The way you have centered people’s stories and let the stories speak for both the oppression and resistance is truly awesome._<br></br>- Sharon Martinas, co-editor of ‘A Katrina Reader’ on line (

I especially appreciate the focus on organizing, which I feel like is something no other documentary has shown to the same extent. I appreciate that the film ends with a sense of urgency- hopeful but not rosy.
<br></br> – Hannah Adams, Outreach Specialist Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

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