Land of Opportunity

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Scene Magazine- Louisiana’s entertainment magazine featured Luisa Dantas in the 2010 Sept/Oct issue. Check out Danielle Nelson’s interview (go to page 26).

Louisiana Film and Video Magazine- Gary Michael Smith wrote up Land of Opportunity’s first ever screening in New Orleans with a great article.

GRITtv- Watch this episode of GRITtv where guest host Ed Ott sits down with Luisa Dantas. The two discuss what Luisa learned while making Land of Opportunity. Laura Flanders hosts GRITtv and talks to creative thinkers and change-makers from the world of politics, arts and the new economy.

Foreign Press:

BBC Brasil- Alessandra Corrêa wrote a great piece on Land of Opportunity. Read Sérgio Martins’ article about how New Orleans’ music and cinema are fundamental to the city’s post-Katrina redevelopment. Land of Opportunity and Luisa Dantas are highlighted!


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    Land of Opportunity Trailer

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    U.N. Rapporteur on Adequate Housing

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    Sixth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

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    From Katrina to Sandy


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