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Mayor Ray Nagin

Mayor C. Ray Nagin was elected to his first term in 2002 with a vast majority of his support from white New Orleanians. In 2006, with tens of thousands of New Orleanians displaced from Katrina and Rita in 2005, he was elected with a vast majority of black support and minimal white support. Throughout the reconstruction, he became a lightning rod for racial tensions in the city as various planning processes promoted visions of “shrinking the footprint” of New Orleans. After two and three years, his administration became increasingly unpopular, although the full extent of his legacy has yet to be seen.

Where is He Now?

Mayor Nagin’s term ended in May 2010. He was replaced by Mitch Landrieu, the first white mayor of New Orleans since his father Maurice “Moon” Landrieu left office in 1979. Nagin now advises on disaster preparedness and has self published a book on his experiences after the storm.