Land of Opportunity

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Pres Kabacoff

The son of the legendary Lester Kabacoff, who many believe brought the modern tourism industry to New Orleans, Pres Kabacoff is a member of the business elite of New Orleans, seeking to remake a more glamorous and attractive city. Before Katrina, Pres Kabacoff and his company HRI Properties were involved in bringing about the first HOPE VI Public Housing redevelopment in the city, which turned the St. Thomas public housing development into what is now called River Gardens. This landmark development foreshadowed the post-Katrina redevelopment of the “Big Four” Public Housing developments that Land of Opportunity chronicles through the eyes of Sharon and Kawana.

Where is he now?

Pres Kabacoff was appointed the Co-Chair of Mayor Landrieu’s transition committee on housing. He is still a principal at HRI Properties, which spearheads historical restoration and new mixed-use construction projects in the greater New Orleans region.