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Andres Duany


A planner comes to New Orleans to leave his mark on a truly unique city.

One of the most well known architects and urban planners in the world, Andres Duany is among the dozens of renowned experts hired to help create official recovery and rebuilding plans for New Orleans. A controversial and charismatic founder of New Urbanism, he sees himself as a visionary capable of transforming this beleaguered city into a model for the 21st century. He is frustrated by internal conflicts within the planning process and political inertia, but he inadvertently transforms the life of one resident he encounters. Ultimately, he comes to understand the value and uniqueness of New Orleans as it exists in its “delightfully disorganized” state.

Where is he now?

Andrés Duany has been touring the country and the world speaking about his experiences in New Orleans and Haiti. In both locations, he has designed temporary and permanent, low-cost housing options for use by governments and citizens. He continues to pursue the goal of building affordable housing without government subsidy.