Land of Opportunity

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Alfred Aubry


A lifelong New Orleanian charts a new path in the wake of catastrophe

Al Aubry is a homeowner in the Gentilly neighborhood whose roots in New Orleans go back centuries. He is determined to view his post-catastrophe situation as an opportunity for increased self-sufficiency. With Duany’s urging, he plants a community garden in his yard and begins to feed his family from it. Living in a cramped FEMA trailer with his wife Patricia and their two children for three years, Aubry wants nothing more than to rebuild a bigger and better home in the same spot where his ravaged one once stood. Despite having to fight crippling government bureaucracy, he never loses his sense of hope.

Where is he now?

Al Aubry and his family, after five years of waiting, are finally breaking ground on their new home in September 2011. Al remains fully dedicated to his garden, and has begun to get into the world of film and stage acting in local productions.