Land of Opportunity

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Marcio P.


A father comes to New Orleans to help rebuild and support his family

While residents like Vanessa strive to reclaim their beloved communities, others, like immigrant worker Marcio P. search for greater prosperity. Hoisting heavy construction debris as he helps to renovate the Hilton Hotel, Marcio dreams of being a screenwriter in Hollywood, where he wants to settle with his wife and two sons whom he reluctantly left behind in Brazil. A former car salesman, Marcio never dreamed he’d be doing manual labor in America. Marcio also feels proud to participate in the reconstruction of New Orleans, a city he grows to love. After over two years of increasingly intermittent work, however, it becomes clear the construction boom has not truly materialized, and his wife is pressuring him to return home. Eventually Marcio acquiesces in order to save his marriage.

Where is he now?

In 2008, Marcio returned to his hometown, Bauru, in the south of Brazil. Although he returned to Brazil to preserve his marriage, he and his wife are currently separated. He vows to return to New Orleans one day.