Land of Opportunity

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Marcus Akinlana

Marcus seeks to use the power of his visual art to both document and inspire social change. For several months after Katrina flooded his home, he lived in his art studio, and surrounded himself with his work. He feels that the reconstruction of New Orleans has of course left many of his friends and neighbors feeling depressed without a sense of hope. During the last five years, he has used his art to continue to nurture hope and aspiration, even in the midst of difficult times. He works hard to put out a positive message of self-reliance, critical thought, and creativity. He applies these principles to his business as well as to his proteges.

Marcus still owns his gallery space on Decatur street, in the heart of the French Quarter. He travels frequently around the country working on large scale public art projects. His most recent creations are in Chicago and Philadelphia. You can keep updated on his work and whereabouts at his website. He lives in the Gentilly neighborhood with his wife and children.