Land of Opportunity

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Videos By Issue: Urban Planning

Urban planning has become increasingly important over the last several decades. Numerous issues come into play within the seemingly sterile world of planning: Issues of transportation, affordable housing, immigration and environmental justice all play a role when communities come together to envision what kind of future they want to build for themselves and their families.

Very often, in addition to local government officials, planners are on the front lines of these interactions, and have to weigh the various—and often conflicting—needs and desires of increasingly diverse cities and towns.


Planning trends

A great way to keep up to date with what’s going on in the planning world is Planetizen.


PolicyLink is a national policy research and advocacy organization that does important work to integrate the best research on communities and turn them into working national policies. This report links issues of race and place into matters of community health.

  • Duany Does the Plan For Jackson Barracks

    Duany Does the Plan For Jackson Barracks

  • Land of Opportunity Trailer

    Land of Opportunity Trailer

  • LandofOpportunity Interactive Trailer

    LandofOpportunity Interactive Trailer

  • Toward a Just New Orleans

    Toward a Just New Orleans