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Videos By Issue: Affordable Housing

Creating and sustaining inclusive and stable neighborhoods has never been easy, but new challenges around housing have arisen in recent years.

From the sub-prime and foreclosure crises to the contentious debates around gentrification, the issue of making and preserving housing that is affordable to all people in this country has become an issue of major national significance.


We Call These Projects Home

Published by the National Right to the City Alliance, this groundbreaking report confronts the issue of public housing by taking an unprecedented step: speaking to the residents of subsidized housing about how they view their housing, and what they would do to change it for the better.

Root and Branch Magazine

Published by the Advancement Project, a recent issue tackles the comprehensive issue of Public Housing, inspired greatly by the experience of New Orleans.

Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center

One of our partners, The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center (GNOFHAC) is a private, non-profit civil rights organization that was established in the summer of 1995 to eradicate housing discrimination throughout the greater New Orleans area through education, investigation, and enforcement activities