Land of Opportunity

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Videos By Issue: Immigration

As cities grow, the questions we must consider are more complex than simply “where will people live?” As the demographic diversity of our cities increases and people become increasingly migratory, we have to think about where people are coming from, why they are here, and where they are going.

Through the eyes of undocumented Brazilian and other latino immigrants, Land of Opportunity seeks to explore the structural and individual reasons that people migrate, and how New Orleans has become a new home for thousands of new immigrants to the United States.


Online resource: Deportation Nation

Here’s one great example of multimedia work that challenges the assumptions of criminalization and incarceration.

Local Resource: PUENTES-NOLA

One of the primary projects of Puentes-NOLA is the Latinola project, which seeks to build the civic engagement of the growing latino community in New Orleans.

Local Resource: New Orleans Worker Center for Racial Justice

The NOWCRJ works tirelessly in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast to organize Day Laborers, Guest Workers, and other low-wage earners. You can read about their successes and current campaigns at their website.

  • Elza Sings at Church

    Elza Sings at Church

  • Hustle Real Hard

    Hustle Real Hard

  • Land of Opportunity Trailer

    Land of Opportunity Trailer

  • LandofOpportunity Interactive Trailer

    LandofOpportunity Interactive Trailer

  • Marcio Goes Fishing On Lake Pontchartrain

    Marcio Goes Fishing On Lake Pontchartrain

  • Stop the Politics of Hate

    Stop the Politics of Hate