Land of Opportunity

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Videos By Issue: Food Security

The intersection of rising food prices with urban disinvestment have created an opportunity for urban agriculture, food security and food justice in cities across the United States. As the experience of Al Aubry shows, growing food for oneself or one’s family can bring pride to an individual, a block, a neighborhood, or an entire city. From New Orleans to Detroit and beyond, people in cities are taking greater control over their food supplies, and decreasing the distance that their food travels from its source to the kitchen. To learn more about different ways this work is being carried, out you can start with some of the resources to the right.


National Resources

The Slow Food movement is an international movement to make food healthier, safer, and fairer.

Local Resources

Check out the New Orleans Food and Farm Network, a great example of how to take local actions from a global issue. Also see Slow Food New Orleans, the local chapter of the international Slow Food movement.

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    Land of Opportunity Trailer