Land of Opportunity

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Videos By Issue: Disaster Recovery

Natural, man-made, and economic disasters are increasingly a part of our daily news and our daily experiences. From the Tsunami of 2005 to Hurricane Katrina to earthquakes and floods in Haiti and Pakistan, it is impossible to ignore that the everyday injustices that we allow in our societies have devastating impacts on those people least able to bear them. How we live in our cities, physically and socially, has a great impact on our ability to recover from disasters of all kinds.


Oxfam America’s OneGulf report

Endorsed by dozens of organizations, read it here

The New Orleans Index at Five: A report from the Brookings Institution and the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center

read the report here

Clear as Mud

A great new resource on the UNOP planning process in New Orleans, from authors Rob Olshansky and Laurie Johnson. Invaluable for learning about the challenges and successes of large-scale citizen-based planning. Dozens of hours of Land of Opportunity footage was used in the research for this book.

  • From Katrina to Sandy

    From Katrina to Sandy

  • Land of Opportunity Trailer

    Land of Opportunity Trailer

  • LandofOpportunity Interactive Trailer

    LandofOpportunity Interactive Trailer

  • Sixth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

    Sixth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

  • Toward a Just New Orleans

    Toward a Just New Orleans

  • Trailer: Katrina/Sandy

    Trailer: Katrina/Sandy