Land of Opportunity

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Videos By Character: Vanessa Gueringer

A mother advocates for her neighborhood

Vanessa Gueringer, a wife and mother mainly devoted to her family before Katrina, returns home to her ravaged Lower 9th Ward neighborhood “with a fire lit” in her heart and mind. While struggling to rebuild her own home, she vows to fight for the revitalization of her decimated community. Working with ACORN, Vanessa becomes a powerful activist and a vocal thorn in the side of the local politicians who she deems apathetic or ineffective. In her quest to bring attention to her Lower 9th Ward community, Vanessa crosses paths with the likes of Brad Pitt, Bill Clinton and then presidential candidate Barack Obama.

  • Land of Opportunity Trailer

    Land of Opportunity Trailer

  • Vanessa Gueringer Votes For Obama

    Vanessa Gueringer Votes For Obama

  • Vanessa Gueringer\'s Thanksgiving

    Vanessa Gueringer's Thanksgiving