Land of Opportunity

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Videos By Character: Tr'Vel Lyons

A Displaced New Orleanian attempts to find his footing in a new city

Like Marcio and Elza, displaced New Orleanians like Tr’Vel Lyons also struggle to find community and solid footing in new and unfamiliar places. We follow Tr’Vel from his middle school graduation in 2006 in Los Angeles through his high school career. As a high school student in Los Angeles, Tr’Vel is committed to taking advantage of what he sees as greater educational and economic opportunities away from New Orleans. However when he pays a visit to his hometown for the first time since Katrina, he becomes keenly aware of the price he’s paid by being away from beloved friends and family.

  • Hustle Real Hard

    Hustle Real Hard

  • Land of Opportunity Trailer

    Land of Opportunity Trailer

  • Sixth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

    Sixth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina